Why Chimp?

Not so long ago, Chimp Food founder Scott Joseph was overweight, sick and was living in pain – like millions of others. He wanted to lose weight and become healthy again – like millions of others. So he tried every diet possible without any success – like millions of others. Finally he came across a life changing fact: There are over 1-milion different species of animals on this earth and only (1) of them is littered with obesity, illness and chronic diseases. Every bird you’ve seen, every fish you’ve seen, every squirrel you’ve seen – every animal you’ve ever seen in nature is always in perfect shape and in perfect health. Every animal except for us and sadly our pets.

He then realized that our closest living relatives, Chimpanzees, who are almost 99% like us, live virtually disease free – NO Heart attacks, NO Strokes, NO Cancer, NO Diabetes, NO Alzheimer’s, NO Parkinson’s, NO Arthritis, NO Headaches, NO ADD, NO Depression and 1,000’s of other illnesses and diseases, including obesity – which are all directly related to the foods we eat.

Humans and Chimps have basically identical digestive systems, so makes sense, we should be eating the same food. Chimps eat fruits, berries, veggies, nuts and seeds and by eating this way, the same way we’ve eaten for nearly 10-millon years, Scott quickly lost the unwanted weight and has continued to flourish with awesome energy and incredible wellbeing – Zero health issues, not even a sniffle.

  • Do Chimpanzees hold the answer to what humans really should be eating?
  • Is copying a Chimps diet the key for humans to enjoy the lifelong energy of a teenager?
  • Can people live disease-free and illness free like all other living creatures?
  • Will obesity be unknown to humans as it is in other animals?

Chimp Food currently offers (4) Food Drinks, (1) Nut Bar, (1) Diet Book, and Apparel.

Each drink, Orange, Apple, Grape and Pineapple has its own unique blend of 5-fruits, 5-berries, 5-veggies, 5-nuts and 5-seeds and is a complete meal containing all the needed food groups.

Each Nut Bar contains only 6-ingredients, 5-nuts and dates and is a full day’s supply of super healthy nuts. It not only tastes great, but also serves a great purpose.

All products are based on a sustainable food supply system. The drinks have no sugar added, no additives, no preservatives, no gluten, no dyes, never pasteurized or heated and our process creates zero waste.Chimp Food is also working on organic versions, non-GMO versions, a seed bar, a drinkable salad, a tea drink and more.

“If we look straight and deep into a Chimpanzee’s eyes,
an intelligent self-assured personality looks back at us.
If they are animals, what must we be?”
– Frans de Waal