Meet Melody, our adopted chimp!

Melody was born on July 12, 2007 at “Save The Chimps”, the world’s largest Chimpanzee Rescue Sanctuary located in tropical South Florida. Her father Rufus, had a failed vasectomy and her mother Megan, was an eight-year-old chimp, nearly a baby herself. Most chimpanzees do not have children until they are near the age of 14. Perhaps due to her young age, her history or for reasons unknown, Megan showed no interest in Melody, even refusing to touch her. As a result, the care staff of Save the Chimps were required to care of her on a 24-hour basis, very similar to a human infant. Now 8 years old, Melody is rambunctious, bold, cheeky, and quite the princess. She loves blueberries and her toys. If you would like to donate to Melody or adopt your own chimp visit