Blending vs Juicing

Blending & Juicing are very different and it is important to understand why.

Blending is the process of thoroughly blending whole fruits and vegetables into a smoothie, utilizing the whole produce. It is still a whole food, complete with all nutrients and fiber. Blended smoothies do not oxidize fast, and maintain a sustained release of nutrients. The insoluble fibers that remain, slow down digestion and keep you full longer. Blending is a great way to include a lot of produce in your diet, and also to consume a greater variety of fruits and vegetables than you may otherwise not eat.

Juicing on the other hand, is when a machine processes food removing the pulp which is fiber. When the fiber is removed, all vital nutrients contained in fiber is discarded. Juices are highly susceptible to oxidation due to the way they are processed. Juices made with sweet fruits or sugar-rich vegetables can essentially become a concentrated sweetener.

Simply, with blending you consume the whole food, whereas juicing you only get the sugary water.